Dr. Leigh Baldwin



Place of Employment:    Western State Hospital



Role with Internship:      Supervisor



Dr. Baldwin is a Western KY native who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky and graduate degrees (M.S., Ed.S., & MA.Ed.) in Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, and Education (Learning & Behavior Disorders) from Eastern KY University, U.K, and Western KY University, respectively. In addition to being a health service provider as a clinical psychologist (KY), she holds KY and national certification in the field of school psychology (NCSP). She began practicing psychology in 1995.

Dr. Baldwin has work experience in a variety of settings, including public schools, universities, private practice, primary health care clinics, correctional settings and the Department of Defense (Army). Early in her career, she received distinguished faculty honors for excellence in teaching and program development. Dr. Baldwin has served on boards of directors, including chairing major fundraising campaigns, for nonprofit organizations in the community. While working in the field of education, she procured several literacy and technology-related grants and she led a crisis response team for one of the largest school districts in KY. Dr. Baldwin has consulted for national organizations including The College Board and the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving. During a recent hiatus from WSH, she served as the clinical team leader for an embedded behavioral health clinic at Ft. Campbell- focusing on soldier health and recovery from combat trauma.


Dr. Baldwin is a strong advocate of the recovery philosophy of care. She was the founding director of Western State Hospital’s Recovery Mall, an award-winning therapeutic program focusing on individualized, patient-driven care. She currently works as a psychologist on the Admissions Unit and participates in the internship program via routine supervision and offering seminars in ethics and other areas of practice.


In terms of theoretical orientation, Dr. Baldwin trained primarily in cognitive-behavioral approaches to treatment. She has led behavior support teams and taught multiple interventions-based courses focused primarily on CBT. Within the course of her practice, she has since expanded appreciation for the practicality of other approaches, particularly reality therapy. And, due to Dr. Baldwin’s dual training in the field of education, she has a keen appreciation of lifespan-developmental considerations. Furthermore, Dr. Baldwin has served as a caregiver both in her personal life and professionally. She has spoken to cancer support and caregiving groups and is a contributing author in a recent text dedicated to this topic. Dr. Baldwin is a “lifelong learner” and has begun studying more about existential approaches, positive psychology, and motivational interviewing as a result of these experiences.


Dr. Baldwin’s supervisory style is somewhat structured, yet flexible. She applies her understanding of learning theory, including Dewey’s Constructionist approach to her supervision practices, believing in the importance of synthesizing new, applied learning experiences with foundational principles. In this manner, her supervision is developmental in scope (graduating in progression from focus on product–patient assessments, etc. to process–intern self-reflection and growth). Dr. Baldwin values innovation and excitement in the process of discovery. And, she strives to practice in a manner reflective of her own beloved mentors (ie. with her supervisory role shifting in focus from training toward consulting as trainees gain experience).


In practice, Dr. Baldwin enjoys assessment (disability evaluations, mental status examinations, competency assessment, fitness for duty/work, risk/safety assessment) and program development. She is particularly interested in integrating technology in behavioral healthcare and rural medicine. Dr. Baldwin hopes that in the course of her career, technology will serve a bridge for patients, increasing access to care and allowing more families to participate in their loved one’s treatment.


Outside of work, Dr. Baldwin loves to try new things and meet new people. She’s a “coal miner’s daughter, granddaughter and (at one time) great-granddaughter.” But despite having it in her blood, she dreamed of other things. She is married to a firefighter and she has two children who remind her of the important things in life.



My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.    –Jim Henson