Dr. Michael Daniel

Place of Employment:  Pennyroyal Center

Role with Internship:      Instructor

Dr. Daniel completed his Psy.D. degree at Spalding University with an emphasis in pediatric psychology.  His interests involve working with clients ranging from early childhood to adolescence, while aiding parents in becoming involved in the therapeutic process.  Dr. Daniel has received specialty training in working in groups and with clients with autism.  He is attempting to start groups for children and adolescents at the Pennyroyal Center with an emphasis on social skills and emotion regulation.

In conceptualizing, Dr. Daniel approaches therapy from a third-wave cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) lens.  He primarily enjoys using behavioral techniques and play when working with younger children, yet uses a more holistic approach when working with adolescents and adults.  Overall, he has eclectic interests in therapy and enjoys learning new approaches to treatment.

Outside of therapy, Dr. Daniel will freely admit that he has far too many interests.  In particular, he loves all things nerdy, from comic books to board games, and can usually be found browsing a used book store for something fun and unusual.  Dr. Daniel also enjoys music and watching local bands, and while he loves all music, he has a fond spot for alternative and classic rock.