Friday Factoid: Have you heard of Cotard’s Syndrome?

Katelyn Yunes, MS

WKPIC Doctoral Intern


Cotard’s Syndrome, also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome, is a term for a series of rare delusions where the patient believes they are dead, decaying, have lost organs, blood, or body parts, or have lost their soul (Pearn & Gardner-Thorpe, 2002). Cotard’s Syndrome has been described in individuals experiencing mood disorders, psychotic disorder, and medical conditions (Ruminjo & Mekinulov, 2008).



Pearn, J., & Gardner-Thorpe, C. (2002). Jules Cotard (1840-1889): His life and the unique syndrome which bears his name. Neurology58(9), 1400–1403.


Ruminjo, A., & Mekinulov, B. (2008). A Case Report of Cotard’s Syndrome. Psychiatry (Edgmont)5(6), 28–29. Retrieved from

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