Friday Factoid: Self-care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Katelyn Yunes, MS

WKPIC Doctoral Intern


As discussed previously in the March article review, there are psychological implications from spending time in quarantine, particularly for healthcare workers. Over the past few weeks, several stores, companies, and restaurants began providing discounted or free services as a thank you to first responders and essential workers. During this time, it is particularly important that essential workers engage in proper self-care to maintain and support their mental health. Here are some companies showing their support and giving back:


  • Headspace: The mindfulness and guided meditation app is offering free access to a collection meditations, sleep, and movement exercises, called Weathering the Storm.
  • The North Face: Healthcare workers can receive 50% off of merchandise through December 31st after verifying their employment status.
  • Starbucks: Any customer who identifies as a first responder or who is working on the frontlines and supporting the health-care industry can receive a free tall brewed coffee.
  • Sirius XM: Anyone can now stream commercial free-music free until May 15.
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