Will Battle

I just discovered that when my boss asks for a profile and some photos and I forget to give them to her, she chooses her own photos and writes the profile herself!


Place of Employment:    Western State Hospital



Role with Internship:      Administrative Support



Will Battle is a veteran of the United States Army who has been working on the Western State Campus since 2008, first in the VOLTA substance abuse program and now in the psychiatric hospital. He backs up Judy Nelsen in all of her duties, and serves as a technical assistant for all things computer, audiovisual, and multimedia.






It’s a very good idea to stay on Mr. Battle’s good side, or he will create embarrassing

Also Will.

photos of you during departmental events. Fortunately, this can be accomplished by plying him with chocolate and whatever Starbucks creation he is enjoying at the time. Try not to last-minute him with projects and needs, and he will try not to snap a picture of you when your mouth is full of holiday food!



When he’s not at work, Mr. Battle enjoys raising the Last Son of Krypton (e.g., his youngest child), photography, and all things superhero and science fiction. He frequently attends movie premiers, and also completes photo essays related to the military while he is on Army Reserve drills.

Maybe, possibly Will…


When you can’t run, you crawl.
Rise, and rise again.
-Captain America