Dr. Anissa Pugh


Place of Employment:    Western State Hospital


Role with Internship:      Supervisor


I am a placeholder to remind Dr. Pugh to give Dr. Redmond-Vaught her photo. Dr. Redmond-Vaught picked this because Dr. Pugh is bright, and definitely a star. And because she thought a kindergarten drawing might remind Dr. Pugh to send the photo faster. Dr. Redmond-Vaught is mean like that, just so you know.

Dr. Pugh received her PSY.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from Western Kentucky University.  Prior to completing her doctorate degree, she was a Licensed Psychological Associate and spent a spent a year working in a private practice setting that focused on Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  In May 2017, Dr. Pugh began working at WSH where her responsibilities have included completing intake assessments on Admissions, conducting group and individual therapy on the Intensive unit, and completing competency evaluations.


Dr. Pugh describes her theoretical orientation as Cognitive-Behavioral, and she has training in DBT, CBT, and ACT.  She has experience working with clients of all ages and diagnoses.  She particularly enjoys working with adults and children under the age of 10 years old.  While working private practice, Dr. Pugh gained an appreciation for working with people who have personality disorders and self-injurious behaviors.  Since she is a recent supervisee herself, Dr. Pugh enjoys a supervision style that is flexible and allows for new opportunities and challenges to be experienced.


Along with working as a clinician, Dr. Pugh is also a part-time faculty member at WKU where she teaches Abnormal Psychology and Introduction to Psychology.  She enjoys teaching these classes and seeing future clinicians learn about the field.  When she is not working, she enjoys watching major league baseball and college basketball.  It is very likely that while working with Dr. Pugh that you will hear her talking about her dog who just so happens to be named after her favorite college team (GO Hoosiers).


“To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift”                     —Steve Prefontaine