Dr. Crystal Bray


Place of Employment:  Western State Hospital


Role with Internship:  Instructor


Director’s Note: Pictures like this on your professional internship profile happen when you intern with me, and you haven’t given me a nice headshot as yet. Dr. Bray will not be released from minion status until said headshot is provided! <Signed, Evil Overlord>

Dr. Crystal Bray received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of the Cumberlands, and she has been in practice since 2016, with temporary licensure in the State of Kentucky.  Her dissertation was titled Cognitive Interviewing:  The Use and Perception of Cognitive Interviewing Among Kentucky Law Enforcement Officers. She is a member of Psi Chi and Kentucky Psychological Association


Dr. Bray provides services to Western State Nursing Facility (WSNF) and WSNF patients when they are admitted to WSH for stabilization. She has special interests in geriatrics, as well as patients with developmental and intellectual disabilities, severe and persistent mental illness, psychological assessments, and remediation of anxiety and stress through relaxation techniques.


When working with students or interns, she values patience, a sense of humor, a good work ethic, flexibility, and who take initiative in their own learning. Her supervisory orientation is Developmental, meeting clinicians where they are and supporting them in developing their professional identity.


When she is not seeing patients, Dr. Bray enjoys spending time with her family and pets, anything to do with music, kayaking, running, sci-fi movies, reading, and trying out new recipes. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she collects Hallmark ornaments.


The last thing to age on somebody is their heart.        -Rocky Balboa , 2006