Evaluation of Interns. Interns meet with supervisors at the beginning of the internship to engage in a collaborative process to establish personal and professional goals, goals related to supervision, and clarification of interest in specialty training opportunities. Additionally, interns review programmatic training goals with their individual supervisors twice during the internship year, in February/March and in August. Supervisors complete the Intern Evaluation Form in consultation with other staff members who are in a position to evaluate the intern’s progress. Primary supervisors then review the evaluation in person with the intern, providing both verbal and written feedback.  Evaluation forms are placed in intern files.


Evaluation of Supervisors. In February/March, and again in August, approximately two weeks before completion of the internship year, interns complete the Supervisor Evaluation Form, which is reviewed after mid-term and final ratings of interns are completed. Informal feedback from interns is welcomed and encouraged at any time. Supervisors are provided with a summary of their evaluations in February/March and August.


Evaluation of Didactics. At the conclusion of each didactic seminar, interns are asked to complete the Seminar Evaluation Form. This feedback will be considered in future program development. Suggestions for needed didactic seminars are always welcome from interns and supervisors.


Evaluation of Program. At mid-year and at the end of the internship year, interns are asked to complete the Program Evaluation Form, to provide feedback about the overall training program and training experience. This feedback will be used to improve future training programs. Interns are also encouraged to provide informal feedback at any time to their supervisors and training directors.  Feedback and evaluations will be reviewed in consortium-wide faculty meetings conducted in June and September.