Prospective Student FAQ

I am interested in applying for this APA-accredited internship through the APPIC process.
Welcome! The bulk of this website is designed for you. Please peruse different tabs for additional information about our internship program, and visit our blog for additional information, the “flavor” of our training experience, and for application tips.


My program is not APA-accredited, and I would like to design an Ad-Hoc internship with your site.
We appreciate your interest, but we do not currently accommodate non-traditional internships in psychology.


Is it possible to complete a practicum, externship, or Master’s level internship in psychology at Western State Hospital?*
WSH offers a limited number of advanced practicum opportunities for students in APA-approved clinical psychology or counseling psychology doctoral programs. We will also consider practicum students from Ed.D. programs, if previous clinical experience is sufficient. We can accommodate 1-2 students per 6-month period (Jan-June; July-December), depending on staff resources. Students must have at least 2 years in their current doctoral program, be able to demonstrate completion of previous practicum experience (at least 50 clinical/patient-contact hours), and provide references from clinical supervisors related to those prior practicum hours. WKPIC is not appropriate for students in a terminal master’s program in psychology, students seeking a first practicum, or students who have no demonstrable clinical experience hours. If you are an advanced psychology practicum student interested in gaining additional clinical experience with people who have severe, persistent mental illness in an inpatient setting, contact Dr. Redmond-Vaught via web email for further discussion.

*Western State Hospital is not offering practicum hours during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.


I am completing a BSW or MSW from a Council of Social Work Education (CSWE)-Accredited program. Are there internship and practicum opportunities for me?
The Social Services Department at Western State Hospital accepts a limited number of social work interns pursuing BSW or MSW at accredited schools, depending on staffing and supervisory resources. Social work interns often attend internship seminar offerings, so you may wish to peruse our seminar descriptions for a better understanding of your potential didactic experience here. We are happy to forward your email to Charlie Martin, LCSW, Western State Hospital’s Director of Social Services.


I am pursuing a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, or a newer, broader mental health degree such as Public Health or Human Services. Can I get clinical experience through WKPIC?
The Therapeutic Recreation Department at WSH may be able to assist you. We are happy to forward your inquiry to the current director.


I am a nurse in an APRN program, and I would like to complete counseling/other experience hours at your site.
At this time, Western State Hospital psychologists provide APRN supervision hours in counseling only to current employees of Western State Hospital.