Continuing Education Opportunity

Former intern Margarita Lorence sent word about a seminar at Vanderbilt that could be useful to staff and students:


The route to psychosis: what differentiates individuals with psychotic experiences with and without a ‘need-for-care’?


It is increasingly recognized that there is a thread of continuity between health and psychosis. Large-scale surveys have confirmed the high incidence of seemingly benign positive symptoms in the general population, and high ‘schizotypes’ resemble psychotic patients on a number of experimental and epidemiological correlates. However most of the evidence for the psychosis continuum is based on psychometric identification of psychotic-like experiences, which some authors have argued do not capture the true essence of psychosis. This talk will present a range of studies, using different methodologies, of individuals who experience full-blown psychotic experiences but are not in need of care.  The findings broadly support the predictions made by cognitive models of psychosis. Specifically, it will be demonstrated that maladaptive appraisals and response styles are key in differentiating individuals displaying psychotic experiences with and without a ‘need for care’. The implications for the psychological route to psychosis will be discussed.


Thursday, September 19th, 2013
112 Wilson Hall


For more information, please see the flier at  Continuing Education: Vanderbilt.


Thank you, Margarita!


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