Please note, once matched to our site, interns are required to pass a urine drug screen and background check prior to employment. Failure of the urine drug screen or background check will prohibit the intern from being hired. Due to current Kentucky state law and state policies, as well as PMHC policies, WKPIC prohibits the use of marijuana in ALL circumstances, and will refuse to hire students who tests positive for marijuana regardless of medical need, the presence of a prescription, or its legal status in your state. To pass a background check, interns can have no charges on their record, with the exception of minor traffic violations.


Interns are required to present at training locations and for mandatory scheduled activities on time, and to follow the attendance policies of both Pennyroyal Center and their specific training site.


Interns are required to follow the standard operating procedures of The Pennyroyal Center at all times, and of Western State Hospital when on-site at that facility, including dress codes and codes of conduct. Updated Standard Operating Procedures will be provided during orientation.


Interns are expected to make use of supervision, to make every effort to progress through the stated internship training objectives, and to develop competence in general psychological practice as outlined in the rotation-specific activities.