Marie LaVasque

My boss threatened to make me a stick figure if I didn’t give her a photo. Clearly, a) I didn’t give her the photo, and b) I do not have the password to this website.


Place of Employment:    Western State Hospital


Role with Internship:      Instructor


Marie LaVasque received her M.S. degree in Psychology from Memphis State, now the University of Memphis, and her MA in Clinical Psychology from University of Louisville. She has been practicing since 1994, and she is licensed in the State of Tennessee as a Senior Psychological Examiner, and Kentucky as a Psychological Associate. Currently, she is a member of the American Psychological Association.


Ms. LaVasque provides services to WSH’s Intensive Unit, and assists in the coordination of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy/Behavioral Supports hospital-wide. Her theoretical orientation is Cognitive-Behavioral. She prefers to work with individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness, challenging behavioral issues, or neuropsychological/medical needs. Her areas of specialty training include neuropsychology, assessment, personality disorder, geriatrics, and developmental disability (including Autistic Disorder). When working with students or interns, she values a sense of humor, flexibility, dedication to the profession and patients, enjoyment of work, and intelligence.


When she’s not working, she enjoys gardening, farming, and motorcycle riding.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.                             –Mahatma Gandhi