Interview Information


To be considered for interview, our internship requires 3 letters of reference, 2 of which must be from clinical supervisors. No supplemental materials required.


We typically offers 1-2 interview days in the month of January, preceding the Match deadline for that internship year. Candidates are selected for interview based on related experience, academic performance, essays, recommendation letters, and expressed interests.


Until further notice, all interviews for internship slots will be virtual. We had been considering this change prior to the pandemic, to equalize the playing field for all applicants, and to reduce undue financial burden on psychology students, and it is likely we will stay with this model moving forward. Our interview process consists of  behavioral-based interviewing, opportunities to speak formally and informally with current interns and faculty, and we will have a virtual tour available. Applicants will be provided with a password for the tour page.


Extensive preparation for interview is not necessary. Prospective interns have already prepared through years of schooling and clinical experience. If applicants coming for interview would like additional information on our thinking about this experience, check out our blog posts associated with the Application Tips category.