WKPIC’s application deadline is November 15.


The internship program begins on the first working day in September and extends through the last working day of August in the following calendar year.


Site-specific faculty meetings occur monthly, and dates and agenda may vary. Consortium-wide faculty meetings occur quarterly in March, June, September, and December, alternating between the Pennyroyal Center’s executive office and Western State Hospital’s Library Conference Room.  Specific dates may vary.


Mandatory Consortium-Wide Activities
Pennyroyal Center Orientation (24 total hours across 3 working days)

WSH Orientation (24 total hours across 3 working days)

Intern Group Supervision: Thursdays, 1 – 2:30 p.m.

Didactic Seminars: Fridays, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Leadership Seminar: 10 2-hour sessions plus graduation

Additional optional seminar and conference options, as available.


Mandatory Individual Supervision
Individual supervision 4 hours/week on-site at assigned rotation.


Rotation-Specific Inpatient Adult Activities
Initial/intake assessment
Testing and specialized assessment
Individual counseling
Group counseling
Recovery Team participation
Special Case Conference
Development of Positive Behavioral Support Plans
Psychology Departmental Meeting
Training in Administrative Models and Tasks
Recovery Services:  Interns may co-lead one of 83 unique group sessions offered weekly on WSH’s Recovery Mall. Sample topics include, but are not limited to Illness Education, Grief and Loss, Coping Skills (Mindfulness), Substance Abuse, Dealing with Feelings, Community Transition, and Readiness for Change. Interns with special interest in Recovery Services may develop and lead a module with supervisory approval and oversight.


Rotation-Specific Outpatient Adult & Pediatric Activities
Individual counseling
Intake/initial assessment
Same-day intakes/crisis assessment
Family Counseling
Couples Counseling
Group Counseling
Psychological testing

Optional Training Activities
Interns will receive announcements for facility-based and community-based training activities as opportunities arise. Site supervisors will assist with coverage as appropriate, to allow for additional training experiences.


Informal Social Events
Doctoral interns are encouraged to enjoy each other’s company, bring family members, and interact with site staff at the following yearly consortium-wide activities:

Pennyroyal Center Picnic (July)
Pennyroyal Center Staff Development Day (September)
WSH Christmas Lunch (December)
WSH Psychology Christmas Gathering (December)