Ken Guessetto


Place of Employment:    Western State Hospital Ken Guessetto


Role with Internship:      Instructor


Ken Guessetto received his M.A. degree in Psychology in1978 from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, and he is licensed in the State of Kentucky as a Certified Psychologist with Autonomous Functioning. He serves as Program Director on the Acute Treatment Unit at Western State Hospital, and he has been with the hospital for thirty-four years.


Mr. Guessetto described his theoretical orientation as, “Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with a twist of psychodynamic or insight oriented therapy.” His clinical focus men and women experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, as well as substance abuse related disorders.  He enjoys assisting patients with identifying behaviors and beliefs that contribute to the development of their presenting problem.   Additionally, he likes working with people to increase self-awareness and understanding, and helping them understand how unresolved conflicts from the past may be influencing them in the present. He was part of the work team that researched and implemented the Recovery Model at WSH, and he feels a strong commitment to the belief that recovery from mental illness is possible, and should be the goal of intervention. Mr. Guessetto stated that when he works with students, he looks for willingness / openness to learning, good interpersonal skills, and confidence to take on challenges in the work place.


When he is not at work, Mr. Guessetto reported that he enjoys woodworking, wood carving, biking, canoeing, and gardening.


All life is an experiment.        –Ralph Waldo Emerson