Friday Factoid: Giving Thanks

Katelyn Yunes, MS

WKPIC Doctoral Intern


As Thanksgiving approaches, Americans may be taking some time to count their blessings and give thanks to those around them. Practicing gratitude can increase the expresser’s perception of communal strength of romantic relationships and friendships alike (Lambert, Clark, Durtschi, Fincham, and Graham, 2010). Additionally, the recipient of gratitude is more likely to continue the relationship, particularly with someone they had just met (Williams & Bartlett, 2015). So, if you want to make a good first impression and feel a sense of community on Thursday, giving thanks might be a good place to start!


Thanks for reading and have a good Thanksgiving!




Lambert, N., Clark, M., Durtschi, J., Fincham, F., & Graham, S. (2010). Benefits of expressing gratitude: Expressing gratitude to a partner changes one’s view of the relationship. Psychological Science21(4), 574–580.


Williams, L., & Bartlett, M. (2015). Warm Thanks: Gratitude expression facilitates social affiliation in new relationships via perceived warmth. Emotion15(1), 1–5.

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