Friday Factoids Catch-Up: CBT, Anxiety Reduction, and First Episode Psychosis


Did you know that teaching a single day CBT workshop on anxiety reduction techniques and interventions, can significantly help clients with First Episode Psychosis?


A study conducted with clients experiencing First Episode Psychosis with co-morbid anxiety symptoms who were offered a single day CBT workshop on anxiety reduction techniques yielded the following results:

1) Participants reported a lessening of anxious symptoms following intervention; and

2) Participants reported that they “felt they were more likely to make use of the skills in the future.”


This study seems to once again reiterate both the effectiveness and ‘cost benefits’ of CBT, within an ever-shrinking pool of resources within the health care field.


Maybe it is true what they say after all, “teach a man how to fish….”


Welfare-Wilson, Alison; Jones, Amy (2015). A CBT-based anxiety management workshop in first-episode psychosis. British Journal of Nursing, 24(7): 378-382. doi:


Dianne Rapsey-VanBuren
WKPIC Doctoral Intern



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