Friday Factoids: Passing on the Wisdom

Here’s a list of must-knows when applying to our site, or coming to WKPIC for internship!


1.            Paula Halcomb, director of the Admissions Unit at WSH, is our resident restaurateur. If you want to know where to eat in the area, and even what to order when you get there, talk to Paula. She can also help you find obscure objects in the area, such as where to go when you want to buy used vinyl records.


2.            Dr. Ralph Greene at WSH is our very own statistician. He has helped a few of us out with our dissertation stats, but he doesn’t like to advertise.


3.            Dr. Susan Vaught, director of the psychology department at WSH and the internship director of clinical training, is a neuropsych genius. If you have a question about testing or a challenging case, just tell her the symptoms (one or two symptoms will do) and she will tell you exactly where the neurological damage is localized.


4.            Hopkinsville, KY is home to quit a few delicious and unique restaurants. It was surprising to find such good eats around our small town and these hidden jewels are must-haves for foodies.

•             Da Vinci Little Italian – European owner and chef serves authentic Italian food, which is seriously the best Italian food you will ever have outside of Italy. The restaurant stays packed on weekends so make a reservation.

•             Ferrell’s Hamburgers – Best hamburgers in town and for a good price.

•             El Bracero – Don’t waste your time trying to find your favorite Mexican restaurant, just go to Bracero. There are two locations, one in Hopkinsville and one in Clarksville, TN.

•             Whistle Stop Donuts – Bring these to work and you’ll soon favorite. There are two locations, one in Hopkinsville and one in Clarksville, TN.


5.            Clarksville, TN is a short drive south and home to many restaurants. Black Horse Pub & Brewery has amazing steaks and pizzas.


6.            Farmers’ Markets! There are two close by, one in downtown Hopkinsville that is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, and one in downtown Clarksville, TN that is open Saturdays.


7.            Contrary to popular belief, we are not land-locked. There are many parks with river access in the area, and two large lakes a short drive north. The Land Between the Lakes (LBL) recreational area has many water-sport and fishing opportunities. There are even trails for Jeeps/ATVs and a bison and elk reserve to tour.


8.            Culture! Despite the small town, there is much diversity in the area that we can probably attribute to the nearby large Army post, Fort Campbell, located in Oak Grove, KY and Clarksville, TN (yep, it’s that big). There are several museums in the area and you can enjoy great musicals and plays at Roxy Regional Theatre in Clarksville, TN.


9.            Most, if not all, staff at WSH can be bribed with food and/or coffee.


10.          The ladies at Pennyroyal Center in Greenville frequently have pot-luck lunches during the work week. Get ready for some yummy home-cooked food!



Danielle M. McNeill, M.S., M.A.
WKPIC Doctoral Intern



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