Friday Factoids: Revisiting the Fundamentals



Book Recommendation: The Gift of Therapy by Irvin D. Yalon


As clinicians, once we get started in the field, we often spend our time and energy focusing on the more advanced clinical and counseling techniques. We learn the basics, then often move swiftly away from them in an attempt to refine our clinical skills and be more adept at working with more severe cases, as well as preparing ourselves for diagnostic, demographic, and pathologic diversity–which is a good thing. Yet clinicians can digress away from the place that they were in when they started in the field, which can include their reasons and motivations for choosing a career in the field.



The Gift of Therapy is an excellent way for seasoned clinicians to recapture some of the“magic” that they felt as a rookie in the field, idealistically hoping to transform the world into a tremendously better place one individual at a time. Additionally, it is an excellent place to start for those that are new in the field, and even those that are considering becoming a part of the field.


Faisal Roberts, MA
WKPIC Doctoral Intern



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