Goodbye . . . And Hello!

It is with great fondness and lots of sadness that we bid farewell to this crop of minions . . . I mean, interns. Jon Torres headed home to Kansas City for a post-doctoral position at an inpatient facility, while Rain Smith started a post-doctoral slot at Pennyroyal Center in Hopkinsville. Crystal Bray is staying on with the crew here at Western State as a post-doc, and we’re glad to have her.


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BUT, amidst all the parting sorrow, there is joy, because we have sparkly new arrivals!!!


Welcome, Dannie, Dianne, and Jennifer!!





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And though she has never read Harry Potter, 50 points to Gryffindor on behalf of Dianne, who has already expertly trolled Dr. Greene with a New York Yankees poster. Come on, Dr. G. Expand those sports horizons.










We look forward to an awesome year–and I am impatiently waiting to see what this year’s group comes up with for intern office decorations…



Susan R. Vaught, Ph.D.
Director, WKPIC

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