Huge Congratulations

You did it!

You did it!


WKPIC extends warmest congratulations to Dianne Rapsey-Vanburen, for taking her oath today and finishing the arduous process of becoming a United States Citizen!!


We are so happy to have you, and your ceremony flowers are beautiful.




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2 Responses to Huge Congratulations

  1. RG Jr.,Ph.D. says:

    Now it all makes sense. Dianne, you must have thought that in order to be a US Citizen, you had to root for the Yankees. No, not true at all. Instead, like all good-hearted people you should root for the Cincy Reds.
    RG Jr.,Ph.D.

  2. Dianne says:

    Thank you all this was so very nice and thoughtful 🙂

    And…. actually the truth about picking my baseball team- is that I fell in love with the New York Yankees, when they won the world series on my 21st birthday! (just for me) so that the entire city would come out to celebrate
    Took my oath in Kentucky, but will always be a Brooklyn pizza, Yankee fan, subway loving (no driving) kind of girl 🙂

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