Interviewing at WKPIC


WKPIC’s staff has begun the process of reviewing applications for the 2017-2018 intern year. We’re excited!


Soon, letters will go out, and we hope that we will meet many of you who applied to our program. If you accept, you’re probably wondering what our interview will be like.


For basic info, check out our Interview Information section. Note the “wear comfortable shoes” bit, if you plan to participate in the tour of the 165+ year-old Western State Hospital.


No, you really don’t have to study or prepare. We trust you have done that in graduate school. Ours is not a cut-throat or competitive process. We want you to see if you could be happy here and learn from us, and we want to see if we can teach you, and if you would enjoy being in our area and having the experiences we can offer. Seriously, you can wear comfortable shoes. If you Match with us, you’ll definitely want to wear them to work, too!


Just brings yourselves, and what you’ve learned. That’s enough. We look forward to meeting you!



Susan R. Redmond-Vaught, Ph.D.
Director of Psychology, Western State Hospital
Director, WKPIC



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