Our Soon-To-Be STARS

Letting you know a few fun facts about WKPIC’s incoming class of 2016-2017!


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.19.29 PMDannie Harris recently discovered unknown talents in both acting and singing delirious children’s songs while making a professional training video. She’s quite proficient at Row-Row-Row-Your-Boat–and we think her proper classification is mezzo-soprano?







Jennifer Roman tells us she also answers to Jenny or Jenn. Her favorite color is green, butJennifer Roman she generally says it’s blue–but she didn’t tell us why! We will be very interested in pursuing this mystery when she gets here. Also, I’m fairly certain the nefarious Dr. Greene, group supervision aficionado and resident prankster, may be busy devising a personality test based on this color-hiding-confusion revelation.






Dianne Rapsey-VanBuren
Dianne Rapsey-Vanburen generously offered up 10 Fun Facts about herself. Here they are, in her own words:

1) I only support two sports teams, the New York Yankees – and whoever beats the Red Sox. (Clearly, Dr. Greene will need to attempt sports education for this one, along with all the rabid UK fans at this internship site). 

2) I now consider myself an extremely adventurous and thrill seeking individual, since last week I took my toddler son inside a pier 1 department store. 

3) Although I am obsessed with watching cooking shows, I believe the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house.

4) Among many “non-drunk” stories, I once had my socks stolen off my feet on a New York City Subway.

5) I have never read any of the books, or, seen a single episode of Harry Potter.

6) I cry every time I watch the movie “the color purple”.

7) Once sat court side at a Knicks game, in Woody Allen season box seats( again no-alcohol involved)

8) On my I-pod I have complete collections of lil Wayne and Jimmy Buffet.

9) I love peonies, but hate phonies.

10) Started my own ‘religious’ fight club in high school.



We are looking forward to working with these brilliant, funny ladies–singing, green-blue confusion, missing socks, and all!


Susan R. Redmond-Vaught, Ph.D.
Director, WKPIC



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