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Friday Factoid: Stability When Unstable: Borderline Personality Disorder May Have Elements that Change Over Time

Borderline Personality Disorder is generally perceived as an unchanging condition which has very little ebb and flow to its course. However, longitudinal data presents a different perspective when looked over a 10-year time span. The Collaborative Longitudinal Personality Disorders Study … Continue reading

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Summary of Gianoli, Jane, O’Brien, & Ralevski (2012): Treatment for Comorbid Borderline Personality Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorders

  Gianoli, Jane, O’Brien, & Ralevski (2012) explain that there is a high degree of comorbidity between borderline personality disorder (BPD) and alcohol use disorders (AUDs). Research has demonstrated that this pattern of comorbidity may be associated with poorer prognosis for … Continue reading

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