WKPIC Thanks A Special Soldier for His Service



Each year on Veteran’s Day, the internet teems with posts and memes offering gratitude to soldiers for their service.




This year, WKPIC would like to extend more personal recognition to a soldier with connection to one of our own:  Staff Sgt. Joel Kuszak, a Blackhawk Crew Chief who has been deployed many times in his 14 years of service (so far).


Staff Sgt. Kuszak recently reenlisted for the last time, because he now goes on “Indefinite Status” and serves until he chooses to retire.



When Staff Sgt. Kuszak is away serving his country, his wife Dr. Amber Kuszak serves her fellow citizens here at home, providing excellent care to patients hospitalized with psychiatric illness, and helping to train our next generation of psychologists. She also has to parent her child, maintain her house, and hold on to her worry and concern–no small bunch of tasks, there! It’s little wonder most of us at WKPIC think she qualifies as a superhero.


From the deepest and most appreciative parts of our hearts, thank you Staff Sgt. Kuszak and Dr. Kuszak, for the sacrifices your family makes, so that our families remain safe and secure.





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