Friday Factoids Catch-Up: Self-Care During Internship


In my first Friday Factoid of the month, I mentioned that it is important to create friendships over the course of your internship.  I have learned it is not only important to have friendships within your cohort, but with other staff members at work who are not related to your department.  I have been lucky enough to have developed friendships with several individuals who understand my quirky nature and who are not afraid of having fun at work.



This year has been filled with too many fun shenanigans to talk about in just one blog post.  The two best shenanigans that have been talked about all over the hospital are our Unicorn Shirt days and Operation Cat Take Over.  On a random Thursday this year, a group of staff members decided to wear “I am a Unicorn” shirts along with unicorn headbands.  Not only did staff find these shirts entertaining, but several patients have asked if they could have the shirts.


By far the best shenanigan of the year not only started a department prank war, but WON the prank war.  It is said that on a Sunday afternoon two awesome, dedicated, and creative people entered the office of Will Battle.  Rumor has it that in 4 hours over 1200 cat pictures were hung across the entire office floor to ceiling with approximately 6 rolls of tape.   Pictures of this office do not do it justice so if you are ever at the hospital make sure to ask if you can see the “Cat Office.” 







Anissa Pugh, MA, LPA
WKPIC Doctoral Intern



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